By Katelin Carroll
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Hohenwald is still alive, but small businesses are struggling to be


Katelin Carroll

Area businesses are modifying business models or using the time to renovate under a state mandated closure due to COVID-19.

If you have been to town in the past week, then you have most likely seen the empty parking lots, restaurants with no one in them, and people wearing masks. It creates a scene that is almost post-apocalyptic.

While COVID-19 has been proven a disease to be taken seriously, there is still life in Hohenwald.

Many people have taken to the outdoors on bright sunny days to enjoy their time as a family.

If you have been out on the Natchez Trace Parkway in the last week, then you have seen people walking trails by the droves.

Restaurants have figured out ways to keep their business afloat as well.

Dine-in restaurants like Junkyard Dog, Big Johns BBQ, Rio Colorado, Casa Grande, Hank's and others have remained open by adding delivery or serving only through carry-out.

All of your favorite fast food restaurants may have shut down their lobbies, but their drive-thrus are still going strong.

However, there are still small businesses that need our community's help.

Mike Ricketts, owner of The Shop Screen Printing and Vinyl Signs, said business has plummeted during the COVID-19 outbreak.

"All these people are saying that no one's taking it seriously, but from a business standpoint, people are taking it very seriously," said Ricketts as he pointed to an empty Main Street.

But there are ways that we can help our small businesses. Business owners are forced to come up with innovative ways to keep their doors open.

Keep ordering at your favorite restaurants. If you do not know if they are open, then reach for your phone and give them a call.

If you have made an order from a store like The Shop, don't cancel. Pay for the order up front and ask if it can be picked up later, or possibly delivered.

Hairstylists have been out of a job for nearly two weeks now. Reach out to yours and buy a gift card, giving them money now and ensuring you can get rid of those split ends once this time has passed.

Buy supplies and food from local businesses like Powers Foodtown or Jones Pharmacy. Even Ace Hardware is selling toilet paper!

If all else fails, then reach out to someone you know who is struggling during this time to see if there is any way to help.

Hohenwald has always been a town that is stronger because of the people who live in it and how they stand together during times of need.

So during this time when we're being told to work from home, or carrying on business as usual, remember the businesses who need someone to stand behind them.


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