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Letter to the Editor

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August 6, 2020

Dear Editor,

My name is Sam Morgan and I have written to other Tennessee newspapers about the role of civic leaders in setting the example for the augmentation of the guidelines concerning the Covid pandemic.

On several occasions, I have been confronted about my wearing of a mask in public places. That’s perfectly understandable and completely appropriate for others to have a different viewpoint from my own. I do wish, however, that our leaders put forth some guidelines and set examples for others to follow during these trying times.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit in on governmen...

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Reader Comments(2)

tinylovingcanin writes:

Dear Sam, You are not the only one here in Hohenwald and Lewis County who feels this way. There are many more of us who believe safe distancing and mandated masks is the only ticket to us as a community surviving this pandemic. People are just not taking this seriously enough and when (and until) they are personally touched with the loss or illness from someone they know or care about, the majority of the public are going to feel that doing these things are frivolous and unnecessary. I ask how many 6-year old children like Gigi Morse have to die before our elected officials realize you do things in life, not because they are comfortable or you want to do them, but because you need to have your neighbor's back and they have to have yours. That is the only way a community pulls together and it becomes a win/win for everyone. We have a petition going on right now - find it online at https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/winning-against-covid-19.htmland sign it.

tinylovingcanin writes:

BRAVO! I have voiced my positions about this numerous times to see them fall on deaf ears. You lead by example and Lewis County is now in the minority of the counties who have not mandated the wearing of masks. There is absolutely not one reason to not wear a mask. You wear masks for your fellow community members - I wear my mask to protect you, and you do the same for me. I no longer shop at any business whose employees do not wear masks. As of yesterday, 1% of our county's population has active COVID - how many more people are going to have to get sick and/or die until we join the 75% of the other counties in this state and mandate the wearing of masks? It is such as simple to do on a personal basis to help in the containing the virus and yet? So few people care enough about their fellow community residents and practice this necessary protocols in a pandemic that is now 7 months old and steadily growing in numbers.


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