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November 19, 2020

The wind was very strong and hard on Sunday. It blew twigs and limbs all over the yards and roadways. Then it turned cold and Sunday night was in the low thirties and plenty of frost was on the ground Monday morning. I guess it is time for this weather as we are in the last weeks of November which says that 2020 is almost over. We can hope and pray that 2021 will be a better year for all of us, especially since many have been affected by the virus and been quarantined either at home, in hospitals or nursing facilities. We pray for all still suffering with this and its side issues.

Those who are sick or shut-in and in need of prayers for whatever the need: William Barber, David and Joyce Barnes, G.Y. Bennett, Connie Bonner, Barbara Brown, Dorothy Brown, Amy Carroll, Betty Carroll, Dorothy Carroll, Joann Carroll, Kathleen Carroll, Spencer Clark, Fada Clay, Billy Cothran, Marian Dryden, Monica Dupont, Rusty Dupont, Larry Evans, Polly Edwards, Geneva Grover, Helen Hardin, Myrtle Harvey, Kay Henley, Melody Hensley, Christy Hinson, Beverly Holloway, Mickey James, Monette King, Linda Mercer, Wendy McKnight, Rita Stutts Norris, Lisa Rawdon, Mona Runions, Tommy Shaw, Nell Skelton, Jim Webb, Annette Williams, Doug Williams, and Margie Willis. There are some who still are suffering with the virus. So remember to pray for those that they soon will be much better and able to be home or doing the things they enjoy.

Happy birthday to Brad Brown and Leon Reeves November 20th, Karley Webb, Weston King, Simon Carroll, and Kara Beth Carroll November 23rd, Damien Clayton, Vickie Clayton and Wesley Haigh November 24th, Abby Grace Carroll and Leyton Kelly November 25th, and Blake Kauffman November 26. Wishing these many more happy days to celebrate life and hope they have a great birthday.

Happy anniversary to Tommy and Jennifer Tiller November 20th, Darrell and Diana Runions November 21st and Ronnie and Jennifer Lewis November 25. Wishing all these a very happy day and many more years to celebrate life together.

We express sympathy to the families of Thomas Edward Libich, Jeffery Wayne Downey, John Dale Riley, Janie Bredemann, Amanda Beth Ayers, Linda Kay Kelley, Horace Wallace Brown, Mildred Laverne O’Guin, Dustin Wayne Tidwell, Jewell Dean Halbrooks, George Arthur Wooding Jr., Allen James Spears, Pamela Kay Fain, Bessie Belle Edwards, Mae Katherine Neeley, John Everett Orton, and Samuel Glenn King. Prayers for these families and any other families who have lost loved ones.

Want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. Even with all the problems we have, there is lots to be thankful for. May you and your family have a great week and be able to be together and enjoy the fellowship of family. Too many times today there is not the closeness of family for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Prayers that you have a great week and enjoy the world we have been blessed to live in. Enjoy all the things that we have the opportunity to see on a day-to-day bases. There is lots of wildlife that roam the woods and often, as with the turkeys, they are in groups of twenty or more. Hopefully, you will enjoy the changing season and the colors of the leaves that are still on the trees. The other day while driving home, we saw one that was almost red and the contrast of the yellow around it was so pretty.


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