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Emergency Preparedness


There may be “no place like home” but as Dorothy learned in the Wizard of Oz, home can go from safe to swirling faster than a girl saying Toto. Tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, floods, blackouts, brownouts: Emergencies are a fact of life. There may come a time when home is not the safest place to be or the other extreme-when an emergency renders home the only place to be. Regardless of whether a disaster requires flight or demands staying put at home, a well-stocked emergency kit is imperative. Keep in mind, a basic kit will not be sufficient for all households. Of course, provisions would be needed for homes that include infants, elders, or pets. Tornado season runs from March through June and regardless of the situation, an emergency kit is necessary, even detrimental for survival during emergencies.

A basic emergency kit would include:

• First aid kit

• Flash light with extra batteries

• Battery operated weather radio

• Local maps

• Cell phones with inverter or solar chargers

• Whistle

• Three- day supply of water and non-perishable food (with a manual can opener)

• Personal hygiene items

• Wrench or pliers to shut off utilities

Last but certainly not least…the most important item needed during an emergency would be a communication plan (whether written or verbal.) A communication plan should be understood and practiced by all family members and would need to include evacuation and each individual’s responsibility. Of course, emergencies are not planned and even when we plan…situations can change our plans. However, having everyone prepared could prevent the worst from happening.

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