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By Katelin Carroll
Staff Reporter 

McDonald's Fast Food partnered with Mable Anne to provide gifts for residents


Katelin Carroll

Little Mable Anne went through the McDonald's drive-thru with her mom, Ashley Heath, to get her occasional treat of a Happy Meal when her mom saw the toy was a Ty Beanie Baby.

Heath soon began thinking about how many of the residents they visit every Monday morning also have stuffed animals that they keep in their room.

Once she got the idea, Heath didn't hesitate to call the fast food restaurant's manager, Candi Barber, who immediately agreed to help by donating 100 beanie babies to the AHC Lewis County residents.

"There's something so special about the feeling you get when someone just out of the blue gives you something. It doesn't have to be of any value, just to know they were thinking of you makes your day," said Heath, "I hope that's how the patients feel when they receive their beanie babies."

Mable Anne dressed up as a Ty Beanie Baby giraffe, whose tag read, "[My name is] Mable Anne... Date of Birth: January 30, 2019... Monday is here, time to bring cheer. I like to roam at the nursing home!"

Heath and little Mable Anne were joined by Barbara Hinson to make their usual rounds around the facility's windows, waving to all their friends they've made over the past year and holding a sign that read, "Making smiles is our specialty."

Last Monday's visit was made even more special when residents were allowed to finally meet their new friends face to face, while social distancing of course, on the front porch of the nursing home.

Katelin Carroll

Mable Anne excitedly showed her friends how fast she could run and how much fun it was to dance. Residents clapped and cheered at every new trick Mable Anne showed them.

"People, including myself, take for granted the elders in our community. They have weathered so many storms and obstacles of this life. They have so much advice to give and trades to teach. They're right there, happily waiting to share if we would just take the time. Yet too often, we place them aside and put insignificant things first," Heath said. "I think back to how I would always tell myself 'I'll call my Papa later' or 'I'll visit Granny next week.' Oh, how I would give anything to just give them a call or visit them right now! It has opened my eyes and I don't want to make the same mistake."


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