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Child generously donates Birthday Money to Library Expansion Project


August 5, 2021

Lewis County Public Library and Archives recently received an unexpected donation toward its construction expansion project from Mr. Bennett Warden, age eight, in appreciation for its outstanding summer reading program.

Bennett, who was among the 7,054 residents who enjoyed over 25 events offered throughout June and July, became interested in helping with the funding for this important addition to the library. With the permission of his parents, Bennett generously gave his "birthday money" in the amount of $100 that he had been saving since May to Library Director Crystal Nash.

"I know the new part of the library will have a lot more room than what we had this summer. Sometimes when it rained or it was too hot we all had to come inside, and it was really crowded," stated Warden when making the donation. With the steady increase in attendance at library programs over the past 10 years, the need for a larger community programming room is now greater than ever. The new addition to the library will resolve this issue and address many other challenges caused by the constraints of the current facility.

When parents Robert and Staci Warden explained that this expansion project will need to acquire full funding before construction can begin, and raising the necessary funds may take a long time, Bennett thought of the perfect solution: ask Santa! "If everyone just asked Santa to help the library build it, then we would have it ready by next year!" Library Director Nash agrees that with Santa's help and with the inspiration from a smart, young man this important renovation and addition to benefit our community will hopefully happen soon.


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