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By Evelyn 'E.T.' Trevathan
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One Day At A Time

Series: One day at a time | Story 18

September 2, 2021

Well it is a quiet morning here in our little valley. There is a breeze blowing, it is nice here on a porch, but there are storms on the way.

I was thinking how blessed we are, seems there is so much trouble all around us. I know we all have our own troubles but when we look off away from us, it is so much worse. I looked across the yard and saw the shadow of the cross from the dead, big old oak tree and God was reminding me that He has it all in His hands.

This summer is almost over and fall will soon be here. I am looking forward to seeing all the trees with their bright colorful leaves and the cooler weather. Most of my canning is over for the year, but a friend of ours said that they are going to bring me some pears so I will be making pear preserves and caning some pears.

Yesterday I heard the old John Deere tractor and looked out and our neighbor was cutting hay. Soon he will be hauling it in and storing it to feed his cows this winter. I think this may be the second time this summer that he has cut hay. It sure must have been hot out there in the hay field but a farmers work is never done.

My son reminded me that the tractor that the neighbor was using was not a John Deere. I reminded him of something that I heard one time “if it looks like a John Deere and runs like a Deere, then it is a Deere.” Well it looked like a tractor and it sounded like a tractor, so it is a tractor (I guess I told him).

Well the cats are taking a nap, they are so sweet, all stretched out trying to stay cool. I’ve now finished my coffee and the washing machine has cut off. I really have enjoyed this morning but I have got a busy day ahead so I’ve got to get busy. It won’t be long until lunchtime, I’ve got to put a pan of cornbread in the oven and get a pot of beans on to slow cook and make a big pitcher of good sweet iced tea.

You know we can’t do one thing about what may happen tomorrow and we can’t change what happened yesterday but we can all pray for one another and we can take one day at a time. God has it all under control and He is the light at the end of the tunnel.

God Bless.


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