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By Evelyn 'E.T.' Trevathan
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One Day At A Time

Series: One day at a time | Story 32

December 16, 2021

Well it seems like a beautiful cold winter morning here in our little valley. Inside, the old wood heating stove has the house nice and warm. The Christmas lights on the Christmas tree are all lit up, and I have got my cup of hot coffee. I went out to feed the cats but they were not in a hurry to get out of their warm beds but when they smelled their warm milk, they came running. Do you all think that I may have them a little spoiled?

These storms that we have been having recently have been really bad and around us the storms have done a lot of damage and took down trees. I just thank the good Lord that it has not been that bad here. I know we did a lot of praying during our storms. I do not understand why things happen like they do and I will not question God, because I know He has everything in His hands. We should pray for each other and do our part to get up and go on.

I almost have everything ready for Christmas. I have made a few more gifts and I will soon start making goodies like candies and cookies. I sure do love this time of year. Yes I know what Christmas is for. It is a day that we have set aside to celebrate the birthday of Jesus, and we are supposed to be happy and joyful, and I am.

You know, I was thinking about the story of the birth of Jesus and I went and got my Bible and read about it several times. I was also thinking about when my babies were born. There is nothing like the joy and happiness of holding that baby. I was thinking about how I had a good hospital and a doctor and nurses. I had a warm and clean room and a nice warm blanket to wrap that baby in and I knew that I could go home to a clean and warm house and I had a little crib for the baby. Then I thought about Mary and her little baby, I thought for them there was nothing but a barn and hay and animals. There were Inns but they had no rooms and there were no big hospitals full of doctors and nurses to care for them. But she was so happy and excited to have that little baby, she had so much joy and happiness in her heart. Then I thought, did she know that one day her baby would rule the world, save lives, heal blind eyes and walk on water?

Yes, I will celebrate Christmas and Jesus’ birthday even if we don’t know for sure what day it was on. Yes I will be joyful and happy and give gifts even if they are homemade and sing songs and remember that Jesus’ mother knew the day of His birth and also His last day on the earth.

God has it all under control and He is the light at the end of the tunnel and I will see that light someday, but until then I will keep that joy in my heart and share it with as many people as I can and try to help as many people as I can. I will not worry about tomorrow and I will enjoy one day at a time.

God Bless.


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