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By Evelyn 'E.T.' Trevathan
Contributing Writer 

One Day at a Time

Series: One day at a time | Story 54

Well it is a beautiful morning here in our little valley. The sun is just coming up over the trees and is shining across the front porch. The cats have had their breakfast and are now giving themselves baths. I have got my coffee and I am sitting here in the front porch swing. I really love my front porch, especially on these nice cool and quiet mornings. From here it seems all is well with the world, but of course I know better, there is so much trouble everywhere. I find myself praying more than I ever have, praying for safety whenever we leave the house. I am not afraid but just careful.

Yesterday I heard the old John Deere tractor and saw the neighbor going down his driveway. He was going to cut hay. One of the boys was following along behind him with the truck and trailer. Before long they will be coming back with the trailer and also the truck loaded with big round bales of hay. They make sure those cows and baby calves have plenty to eat during the cold winter. It is already that time of year that a lot of folks are cutting hay, and lots of people’s gardens are coming in and soon it will then be canning time. I hope everyone can find jar lids, I found some regular lids but I still can not find any wide mouth jar lids. It seems there is a little shortage on a few things. I was in the grocery store a few days ago and I noticed the price on a lot of things have gone up, and there is talk of prices going up even more. But there still is a few ways we can cut back, a little here and there and I think we will all make it just fine. I just got myself a little notebook and started writing down a few ways how to cut corners, and it surprised me the ways I can cut and never really miss it.

We had a couple of trees that were dying and they needed to be cut down, so guess who I called, yep I called Hunter and now the trees are gone. He cut them up into firewood and stacked it up for us for this winter and all the limbs that were cut off are all cleared away. Hunter and Bobby got the job done really quick and then Hunter came back later that day and cleaned everything up. Thank you again Hunter.

We have also been doing some cleaning again. Bobby and Bob worked on cleaning out one of their storage buildings. Bobby moved some more dirt to cover the tree roots in the yard and he trimmed up a lot of the trees and bushes, it is beginning to look a little better around here.

Bob still has not gotten the paint for ME to paint my front porch chairs, but it is on his list. That is okay just as long as it is not on the bottom of his list.

I have finished my coffee and I have got a busy day planned but I am also planning on after dinner taking a few minutes and sitting in the front porch swing with a big cold glass of good sweet iced tea.

I am not going to worry about tomorrow and I am going to take one day at a time. God has it all under control and He is the light at the end of the tunnel.

God bless


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