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Help the Monarch butterflies!


August 11, 2022

Want to bring beauty to your yard? Who can not smile at the sight of a monarch or other butterfly? If you noticed, there are fewer and fewer insects and butterflies lately.

You can help by planting milkweed!

Monarchs have left their summer homes in Canada and U.S. and are heading back to Mexico where they will spend the winter. On their way, they need nectar plants and places to lay their eggs.

Monarchs only lay eggs on milkweed. It has been estimated that only one to two monarchs that leave Canada make it to Mexico.

To help them out, there will be some free, noninvasive, annual plants given out on Wednesday afternoon, August 17, at the Farmers Market, located at Memorial Park in the Ag Pavillion.

There is new development activity in Lewis County and there is a need to keep it beautiful rural country and not a dense, closely packed suburb of Nashville.

Here is one way to get involved, and help preserve our natural world and the beauty we live in. Give nature a chance and help out the monarchs on their way to Mexico!


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