The Benefits of Slowing Down


It is no surprise to many that as we get older, we get slower!

Senior drivers are less likely to get into high-speed car accidents, partly because of our driving experience, sticking to familiar routes, and not driving frequently at night, or when distracted, tired or intoxicated.

There are many other advantages in life to be gained by being slower. Slowing down can make us more present, more mindful and more aware of others around us.

A slower communicator can be a very highly effective person because people will listen with more interest for detail information.

Natural pauses in our conversations will also allow others to have more time to follow our train of thoughts. They will become encouraged and more active in supporting our ideas and any purposed plans.

Slowing down can also make us more aware of the simple dangers of walking and falling. Falls can be one major source of hospitalizations and mortality in seniors. Taking one’s time walking down steps, avoiding a tripping hazard, or being aware of slippery surfaces could be critical at any age.

Bathrooms can be one of the most dangerous places for fast moving seniors, from slipping in the shower. If we don’t slow down, our daily shower or the walk to the bathroom at night can be very dangerous.

Slowing down can also reduce the risk of aggravated pain from any previous injury or condition. Moving slower helps us to have time to stay more focused on our body and health, which is very important for healthy aging and longevity.

One by product or benefit of becoming a senior is that there might not be as much of a rush needed as when we were much younger. We can better appreciate the benefits of being careful or the need to do so.

Remember, we are not “fire engines” rushing to a fire! Maybe, that is the reason they are bright red in color! Slow down and enjoy the “Wisdom of Taking Your Time.”

For more information call Lewis County Senior Health and Fitness at 796-5564.


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