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Andy Ogles for Congress


Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles is a candidate for the 5th District seat in Congress. He has been endorsed by the House Freedom Caucus, Veterans for Trump, Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. Scott Perry, Conservative Talk Show Host Michael Delgiorno, Financial Expert Dave Ramsey, The Tennessee Conservative, and Americans for Prosperity.

Mayor Ogles is a Middle Tennessee native with deep roots dating back to the founding of our state. After graduating from Franklin High School, he married his high school sweetheart, Monica. They currently live on a small farm south of Columbia with their three children, Adley, Drew, and Isaac.

Andy obtained his degree from MTSU where he studied policy and economics. He's had a successful career as an entrepreneur owning and operating restaurants and a real estate investment business. Feeling the call to serve his community, Andy became the COO of Abolition International, where he oversaw operations and investments in 12 countries to fight human trafficking. He then became the first State Director of Americans for Prosperity Tennessee, where he led grassroots coalitions fighting for principles of limited government and lower taxes across the state. After leaving AFP, Andy served as Executive Director of the Laffer Center, which advises the White House and multiple Governors on tax policy. While working at the Laffer Center, Andy became a nationally recognized expert on tax policy and healthcare, having been featured in numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal and Investor's Business Daily. Since 2018, he has served as Mayor of Maury County, Tennessee, and was recognized as Tennessee's most conservative mayor. Maury County is the fastest-growing county in the State of TN, and Mayor Ogles has helped negotiate over $5 billion in economic investment as Mayor of Maury County.

Andy Ogles has an extensive history of fighting for liberty and freedom within Tennessee. He wrote the amendment that resulted in the largest tax cut in Tennessee history. He led a statewide grassroots campaign that stopped Obamacare expansion. He spearheaded the fight against the 2017 gas and diesel tax increase here in Tennessee, bringing hundreds of grassroots activists to the state legislature to meet with their representatives. He led a grassroots effort to stop Common Core and defeated Nashville's wasteful "Amp" bus transit proposal. In 2020, Mayor Ogles stood up to the Biden Administration on Covid regulations by threatening to personally go to jail rather than force the citizens and local businesses of his county to follow the vaccination and mask mandates. Government officials across the state followed his courageous leadership, strengthening his standing with conservative grassroots across the state. When it mattered most, when government overreach was at its greatest Mayor Andy Ogles stood in the gap and led the fight for personal freedom and against government mandates.

Why are you running for this office?

I am running to preserve a better future for our children and the families of our community. I served the people of Tennessee for decades fighting for limited government, lower taxes, and greater freedom. While others cowered in the face of Biden's draconian mandates, I stood in the gaps and fought for liberty. I will carry that fight to Washington, D.C. I am running to get the federal government out of Tennessee and faithfully represent the America-First values of Tennessee's fifth district.

Impact of the seat

I can make the most significant impact on Tennessee's fifth congressional district by reducing the size and scope of the federal government wherever and whenever possible. This also means reducing our total federal spending as a share of GDP and balancing the budget. Getting the federal government out of education and letting families have control over how their children are taught. We must transfer power back to the people. We must begin to follow the simple mandates of the U.S. Constitution again. I will commit to ending the federal government's encroachment upon Tennessee's sovereignty, restoring our system of checks and balances, and dutifully representing the people of Tennessee's fifth district above all else.

Top priorities

A few of my top priorities are as follows: Building the wall, ensuring our national security (no amnesty), cutting spending, balancing the budget, getting the federal government out of education, and strengthening states' rights.


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