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Letter to the Editor; Jan Tache

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Our MLEC Co-Operative turns out to be much less than a co-operative. Without any notification or explanation, it is quietly planning to install Radio Frequency (Wireless) smart meters in our County and the five other counties they serve. They’ll begin in Lewis County in a couple months. There was no announcement, no community meetings, no scientific explorations of what this different technology will bring us - no risk/benefit analysis.

I am extremely concerned about the overwhelming science showing biological harm from even very low levels of this kind of non-ionizing radiation. Literally thousands of studies have been done by scientists all over the world showing the damage to our bodies from emf (electro magnetic frequencies) or wireless radiation —— babies and children’s brains are extremely vulnerable to damage from it.

The smart meters that MLEC uses now are wired meters. Therefore if one wants to wire our home devices or turn off our routers, cell phones, iPads at night to let the body renew itself, one has that choice. With the new RF smart meters, there would be no escape——none at all. We would be blasted in our homes 24/7. Those of us who get blurry vision, heart palpitations, ringing in our ears, headaches, irritability, flu symptoms, aches in different parts of our bodies——we will just have to suffer and get worse. Make no mistake, everyone is affected. These frequencies upset our red blood cells, the oxygen intake into our bodies, our assimilation of calcium and many other operations of our bodies, whether we feel them or not.

A very well done documentary on the subject is available to stream for free. It is called “Take Back Your Power.” Available at

Apparently there will also be numerous (around 200 antennas) cell towers put up in our county to collect and relay the data from the new meters. Does anyone want an antenna near his home or their children’s day care or school?

No one that I’ve talked to at MLEC seems to understand the many health dangers from the tech that they are so determined to install. The telecom corporations seem to control all the information around the dangers of their tech in our country, as they rake in billions of dollars for their shareholders.

The RF smart meter is the kind of meter necessary to bring in “the internet of things,” the snooping and reporting capabilities would now be in place to monitor what goes on in our homes, which appliances we use, for how long and at what time of the day or night. This is the platform that can lead to surveillance and control.

What I want from our MLEC “co-op” is an open well publicized community meeting in Lewis County to discuss the new meters. What benefits will they bring to the community? What health and privacy problems will they bring? Where is the science that these are safe for our community? Until they provide us with a real discussion and opportunity to accept or oppose the new meters, based on real science (not the corporate influenced FCC or EPA which have done no studies for 25 years) I believe MLEC owes our county a moratorium on the new RF meters. Or possibly the Board and Officers they could be held liable for any negative health affects down the line.

Jan Tache


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