One Day at a Time



April 27, 2023

Well it is a cool spring

morning here in our little

valley. We had a really good

rain last night, everything

was starting to get dry and

we were beginning to really

need some rain. Now this

morning everything is fresh

and clean, the sun is shining

and it is going to be a beautiful


The cats have had their

breakfast and they are

now watching the birds eat

their leftover cat food. We

have some brave little birds

around here.

Bob is through washing

the breakfast dishes and the

kitchen is clean. I am having

my coff ee, I have got a busy

day ahead, I have got several

things on my to do list.

I was thinking this morning

that April is almost gone,

where is the time going? Bob

and me both have birthdays

in the fi rst part of May and I

thought these birthdays are

coming too soon, it seems

that we just had the last ones

only a few weeks ago. Oh well

age is just a number, right!

We are trying to walk everyday

and I think it is helping

us feel better. There were

a couple of days it was hot, the

temperature was 84 degrees

on our front porch, and now

it is back to being cool again,

sometimes the wind is almost

cold, but we really enjoy our


We have been sitting on

our porch and it feels good to

be able to get outside, I think

getting outside makes all of

us feel better. Our yard is

growing fast and it already

needs mowing again. People

that have gardens have told

me that they are beginning

to see their plants coming up,

this year there are several

people having gardens.

I have heard some gardeners

talking about that they

are planning on canning

most of their vegetables this

year. Over the winter we sure

ate a lot of the canned goods

that I canned last summer.

Canned vegetables are really

good and they sure save on

the grocery bills and we all

know how high food is now

and it seems that food prices

just keep going up, but most

everything else seems to be

going higher too.

Right now there does not

seem to be a real bad shortage

on anything in the stores but

it may not be like this before

long. There are a lot of bad

things going on everywhere

you look. We all need to prepare

for what may happen

next, so many people are just

living for today and not planning

for tomorrow.

I was sitting here on the

porch and looking out across

the neighbor’s pasture and

the cows were grazing and

it was so peaceful and I just

took a few moments to pray

and ask Him for safety and

you know we all need to pray

for our people and especially

the ones that are out there

protecting us and watching

out over our families and love

ones. I know every time I go

to town I see at least one offi -

cer on patrol and sometimes

we see several patrolling andit sure makes me feel safer,

thank all of you.

I am going to have to get

busy, there is so much that

needs done and the sun is

shinning and I saw some more

windows that need washing.

Bob still does not see the

broom and mop, I guess that

I need to put them next to the

sink when he washes breakfast

dishes, ha!

I was going through my

empty canning jars and

making sure that I had lids

and rings for all of them, my

daughter Pam gave me some

lids for them. I did not realize

how many jars of soups and

vegetables that we had enjoyed

over the winter. I hope

this year I can fi ll back up all

the empty jars and plus add a

few more.

I am not going to worry about

tomorrow and I am going

to take one day at a time because

God still has it all under

control and He is the light

at the end of the tunnel.

God bless.


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