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Marriages in Lewis County 01-01-23 through 05-06-23

Series: Marriages | Story 23

Name Officiant Married date

Christopher Blake Carroll, Kaitlyn Grace Hinson Dale Floyd, Minister 01/14/23

Cory Richard Gibbons, Maryelizabeth Josephine Fowler Nathan Duncan, Pastor 01/14/23

Daniel Vincent White Lower, Callie Lyn Barnes Chelsey B. Spitzer, Notary Public 01/15/23

James David Walker III, Kimberly Rene Ploof J. Steven Vineyard, Notary 01/16/23

Cheyenne John Davis, Abby Gail Galloway Jonah Keltner, LC Mayor 01/19/23

Adam Thomas Williams, Amanda Dawn White Jonah Keltner, LC Mayor 02/14/23

Kelly R. Boyte, Heather Danielle White Greg B. Cornett, Celebrant 02/17/23

Jay Albert Schrank, Becky Dunn Newbold John Rawdon, Pastor 02/18/23

Brandon Guerra, Kerrigan Reanay Casbarian Cynthia W. Walls, Notary 03/18/23

John Bradley Bates, Brandy McKay Fender Robby J. Moore, City of Lobelville Mayor 03/23/23

Joseph Glen Sullivan, Angelina Rose Basile Caprio Julie L. Tucker, Minister 03/23/23

Zackary Norman Hardison, Brittney Lynn Hutt Chunn Justin Osborne, Minister 03/24/23

Joshua Steven Morphew, Victoria Lorayne Watts Jessica Hatmaker, Minister 03/24/23

Kermit Earl Harris, Joy Lynette House Douglas A Dewitt, Paster 03/31/23

Djay Lewayne Dotson, Bethany Ann Sims Coy Reeves, Pastor 04/01/23

Randall Glenn Scott, Maggie Ann West Paul Gandy, Elder 04/05/23

John Daniel Harvey, Autumn Maria Cardenas Brayden Hosford, Notary Public 04/06/23

Tyler Wayne Best, Sarah Kenley Prentice Rex Reed, Reverend 04/06/23

Rodney Jay Anthony, Stephanie Kay Carver Jeff Gandy, Minister 04/07/23

Blake Collin Bowen, Kaylie Rena Reynolds Robby J. Moore, City of Lobelville Mayor 04/15/23

Kenneth Alan Jones Jr., Faith Marie Hankins Michael E. Hinson, Gen. Sessions Judge 04/15/23

Landon Jase Powers, Mya Laurel Siever James R. Skelton, Notary Public 04/15/23

Robert Ryan Posey, Nicole Ann Hensley Flippo Jason Love, Pastor 04/17/23

Layton Cole Keeton, Daryan Rayne Reavis Jeremy Adams, Reverend 04/18/23

Nicholas Shawn Sircy, Ashley Michelle Ford Rich Mayberry, Doctor of Ministry 05/06/23

Jose Carmen Sharp, Callie Lorene Dunn Michael E. Hinson, Judge 05/06/23

Solemnizing a Marriage - The rite of matrimony may be solemnized by any of the following persons listed in T.C.A. § 36-3-301:

1. All regular ministers, preachers, pastors, priests, rabbis, and other religious leaders of every religious belief, more than 18 years of age, having the care of souls.

2. Current and former members of county legislative bodies.

3. County mayors/executives and former county mayors/executives.

4. Current and former judges and chancellors of this state.

5. Current and former judges of general sessions courts.

6. The governor.

7. The county clerk of each county.

8. Current and former speakers of the senate and

speakers of the house of representatives.

9. Mayors of municipalities.

Prepared by M. Elizabeth McCroskey, Legal Consultant, The University of Tennessee, County Technical Assistance Service, Nashville, TN


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