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Humphreys Hives Makes a Buzz

by Amanda Spears Reporter

On Thursday, I reached out to Treston Humphreys of Humphrey’s Hives, about the bees in the wall live video that was viewed on Facebook by nearly 1,000 people.

On June 6, 2023, Mr. Humphreys of Humphrey’s Hives got a call that an older house was about to be put up for auction, and it was believed to have a bee hive in the wall. Mr. Humphreys gathered his troops and on June 15, 2023, Humphreys went live on facebook doing the extraction of the said hive. Not only did this house have a honey bee hive in the wall, but it also had 10 combs, and each comb was 5 ft long.

Humphreys explained the proces...


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