Walk Across Tennessee

by Shelly Ray FCS/4-H Extension Agent II - County Director


We are super excited that the time for our annual Walk Across Tennessee is here!! This will be our 9th year having this program in the county and we hope you will join us in the effort to improve the well-being of Lewis County.

Walk Across Tennessee is a 6 -month walking program that’s designed to motivate you to develop a consistent routine of physical activity. Walk Across Tennessee in Lewis County will begin on June 18, 2023 and go through July 29, 2023. Every participant will keep up with their own miles and log them onto a google spreadsheet that you will be provided upon registration. This can be done individually or with a team. We highly recommend a team to help you and hold one another accountable. A team will consist of 4 individuals and can be anyone including co-workers, friends, family, or any acquaintance. There will be 1 team captain for each team that will be responsible for checking in with each member and logging their miles and team miles as a whole.

Once the six weeks are over, the FCS agent will calculate the miles and determine the individual with the most miles as well as the team. There will be a 1st, 2, & 3 place winner and the team with the most miles will each receive a prize as well. Registration can be completed by clicking the link below and each team member must register. There are a wide variety of activities you can include for getting your miles in and every step counts but remember…this is a time when extra means more so we want you to “go the extra mile” and not just count your steps. This is a motivating tool so we want you to utilize it to reach your potential. For questions, please contact Shelly Ray @ 931-796-3091! Now Let’s get moving!!


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