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One Day at a Time: March 21, 2024

Well it is a little cool this morning here in our little valley. The sun is shining and the sky is blue.

The cats were up and ready for their breakfast this morning. I do not think they like the time changes, I guess it takes everybody a good while to get used to going back or forward an hour.

Our fruit trees are blooming. We have been having some very cool mornings with some light frost. I hope the frost has not got all the fruit, now a days it is hard to have fruit trees in a valley and next to a creek.

Bob has got the breakfast dishes done and now he is having his coffee. Early in the mornings the sun shines in on the end of our front porch and we like to sit out in the rocking chairs in the warm sunshine and enjoy our morning coffee.

We sure have been looking forward to Spring. It is hard to believe it is already springtime and they said it started at around 10 o’clock at night on Tuesday.

The neighbor’s cows are grazing out in their pasture, the grass in the pastures is turning green and the cows are really enjoying eating their green grass.

Last week we sure had a lot of thunder and lightning, and a lot of rain. Bobby had to unclog a large drainage ditch beside our house. The rush of the water had washed from somewhere some big branches and looked like some small stumps, and they were catching all the leaves and roadside trash, and that was clogging everything up, but Bobby working by himself was able to unclog it.

The ditch across the road in front of our house is starting to clog completely up, because of it we have had several springs and summers where the water flows across the road and through our yard, when the water flows across the road it is very dangerous because people are driving fast and they can not see the water. If something is not done one day there is going to be a bad crash or parts of the road may wash away. It reminds me of that old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Our creek now has some water in it, the creek is a very deep creek and it has been empty. With the drought that we all have been in lately we needed the rain. Our yard is now really greening out and before long we will have to start mowing it.

Now that we have had some warmer weather we have been busy outside. I think we have got Spring fever. The trees are budding out and it is keeping Bob busy sweeping everything off the porches. Our daughter Linda came back down this last week and we did some more cleaning in my little quilt house.

We were out running errands and we saw people out mowing their yards and we saw people working in their gardens, I guess they were planting potatoes because we used to plant ours in February and early March, just as soon as the weather warmed up a little.

Potatoes and English peas were some of the first things out of our garden. Small new potatoes and English peas cooked together were so good, I guess some of you my age can remember doing that, and I guess some of you that still have gardens still do that.

I know there is a lot of bad things happening, and there is a lot of doom and gloom all over, and our economy does not look good at all, and everything we are hearing and reading about is negative.

But we can take the bad things as an encouragement in a way, an encouragement for us, to be better prepared, to cut back a little here and there on our spending, to try to save where we can, to make less extra trips, to learn more and take better care of our health.

I think it would make people feel much better if they could just get outside and enjoying the sunshine and breath in some fresh air and maybe eat some good home cooking.

I think that a lot of people have gotten so used to eating fast food and artificially made food and food that is full of salt and sweeteners, that they really do not know that natural food taste better and how good it is for them.

I am not going to worry about tomorrow and I am going to take one day at a time because God still has it all under control and He is the light at the end of the tunnel.

God bless,

Evelyn “E.T.” Trevathan


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