Letter to the Editor: Harry Crist

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Do you ever sit back and wonder what happened to the days gone by? What happened to playing games int he yard with kids int he neighborhood, riding your bike, fishing and hunting with Popa? What has happened to respect not only for your elders, but respect for ALL, including yourself? Manners also seem to have gone by the wayside. It seems like “we the people” have forgotten about God, country, church and family! Family dinners were always a time to catch up with how everyone’s day went, they were always precious to me.

What worries me is that the youth of today (even very young children) only know phones, laptops, gaming systems and fast food. They’ve adopted left-wing beliefs and feel that they are entitled to everything without having to earn or work for it! Just like the illegal immigrants coming to our country getting free health care, welfare and education. The hard-working tax paying middle class pay for all the freebies our government hands out. There are too many lazy people that think why work when I can get welfare and do absolutely nothing for it. Just take, take, take!

Our government is now run by a senile old man and a bunch of money grabbing leftists who want nothing more that a socialist country, much like Venezuela we are bound for failure. We have opened our borders, shut down pipelines and are giving people what they think is free money no matter how much it puts our country in debt. They are destroying our way of life as a democracy.

We can’t let this senile old man and his far-left vice president destroy our country and our way of life as a democracy. Our First and Second Amendment rights are at stake. It is time for us to show our elected officials that we still, and always will love God, our country and her flag. Yell, scream and shout it from the rooftops, be heard or suffer the consequences!

God Bless,

Harry Crist

588 Longbranch Road,

Hohenwald, Tn 38462



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