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April 27, 2023

It is a noted fact that we have

some cool spells which some

call dogwood winter, blackberry

winter and other winters but I

wonder what this one is called.

It was 35 degrees at my house

about six am and know some

other places in the area it was

probably colder but maybe it

will not be harmful to the plants

which many already have in the

gardens and even the fl owers

and shrubs which are blooming

along with other things that are

showing eff orts of what summer


Those I know of who are sick

either at home, in nursing facilities

or in the hospitals are: Joyce

Barnes, Larry Bates, Colene

Beasley, Elizabeth Boggs, Pete

Bradford, Dorothy Carroll, Gertie

Carroll, Kathleen Carroll,

Spencer Clark, Peggy Cook, Pat

Dickson, Verlin George, Ophelia

Green, Carolyn Hargrave,

Calvin Harris, Shirley Howe,

Monette King, Claire Elizabeth

Mayberry, Doug Miller, Howard

Miller, Jackie McFall, Carla

Murphy, Lonnie Odom, Joy

Orman, Debbie Pierce, Sandra

Pogue, Mike Runions, Russell

Runions, T R Runions, Boyce

Sims, Peggy Sims, Johnnie

Faye Skelton, Diane Williams,

Annette Williams and Selina

Young. Remember these in your

daily prayers that they might be

better and for any others that

need prayers.

We wish a happy birthday

Cruz Henderson and Stephen

Carroll on the 30th, Walter

Mears May 2nd, and Jamie

Spears the 5th, wishing for these

a very happy birthday and many

more years to celebrate life.

Happy anniversary to Caleb and

Stevie Odom May 3rd, and Kevin

and Melissa Grinder the 6th.

We wish for these couples many

more happy years to celebrate

life together.

Prayers for all those who

have lost loved ones this past

week. These are the ones I

know about Billy “Bishop”

Meek Jr., Teresa Diane Hinson,

David Glenn Martin, Eleanor

H. O’Guin, Danny Holbrooks,

Odie Michael (Mike) Jenkins,

Melanee Jean Gallagher, Linda

Kaye Hensley Easley, Willow

Alexandria Grace Dile, Betty Jo

Claud, and Thomas Lester Howell

Jr.. Prayers for all these families

and any others about which

we may not know.

After the shower that came

on Saturday evening the world

had a brighter glow as the dust

and pollen was washed from

the foliage around the area. It

always seems brighter and the

world a little cleaner after a rain,

the rain is good for many things

and especially provides water

for things which need it and that

is practically everything on the


We need to continue to keep

those who lost homes, families

and property in the tornadoes

that came upon the area and

many other states around us a

few weeks ago, unless we have

suff ered from some lost comparable

to this, we cannot know

how it really aff ects everything

that goes on in our lives.

Also, as we do through our

days let us remember those who

are less fortunate and cannot

get out and do things for themselves,

there are many ways we

can help and calls, cards or visits

really make a diff erence in

their lives.

It will soon be the month

of May which brings so many

things to our lives, school programs,

graduations, vacations

and many other things but as

we go into May let us remember

all those who will be proceeding

with their lives without someone

that made a real diff erence

in their lives.


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