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 By Dorothy Warf    News    January 20, 2022 

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

Well, we have had our third snow and it was a really good one. There was between eight and nine inches in lots of places and the trees were all bent over and some broke causing the power to be off most of the day on Sunday. So, no internet or tv or a...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    January 13, 2022

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

We have had two snows and the first was so pretty it looked like a picture postcard with snow stuck to everything around. The second one followed fast on the footsteps of the first with only one day between and it had snow first and then ice and...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    January 6, 2022

Gordonsburg/Little Swan News

Talk about weird weather, we have had it with several days last week being in the upper sixties and even up to the mid seventies. We’ve had rain many days but then Sunday brought a change to all as it started out in the forties and then light rain...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    December 30, 2021

Gordonsburg/Little Swan News

We are experiencing some unusual weather for December but in Tennessee that is not uncommon. It has been warm enough to be out without a coat and that is why so many are having problems with allergies. We are thankful that we missed all the...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    December 23, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

For those who read this article, I missed last week and do apologize but my daughter Selina had surgery and so we have not been in the regular routine. She is still in Maury Regional but hopes to be home today. Know that you have seen the weather...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    December 9, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

Well, ol’ man winter is playing games with us. We had a couple of days with temperatures in the seventies and the nights were not cold but just cool. I guess when it finally gets cold for the duration, we will all feel like we are going to freeze....

 By Dorothy Warf    News    December 2, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

We had some winter weather this past week with the temperatures dipping into the low twenties during the night and with the moon and stars being so bright it has brought frost that looks like a light layer of snow. One morning it was frozen on the...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    November 18, 2021

Gordonsburg/Little Swan News

The weather has been common for this time of year with little or no rain. We have had temperatures in the low thirties and even in the forties at night so it has been varied weather. We know that as we near the Thanksgiving holiday time of the year...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    November 11, 2021

Gordonsburg/Little Swan News

This week we have had some killing frost. The children said it looked like snow and it certainly did early in the morning before the sun was up high enough to dry it off. I guess it is time, for we are less than two months from the end of this year....

 By Dorothy Warf    News    November 4, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

I guess we are beginning to get into winter as the temperatures are supposed to dip into the low thirties during this week. I guess you could say it is time. It is November and we have not had a real killing frost yet in most areas. We have had lots...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    October 28, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

We had one day with the temperature into the low eighties and that was Sunday, then during the night it rained and even rained into the early morning causing some of the scheduled ball games to be cancelled. I know for certain that the weather is...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    October 21, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

I guess fall is really here now with the temperatures dropping into the upper thirties and low forties for the last few nights. I hope nothing got frosted on that you wanted to protect. The leaves are really falling and need to be swept from the pati...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    October 14, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

This past week was wet most days and that made it hard for those who wanted to enjoy the October Festival activities that were going on in and around town. There were lots of yard sales and a car show with vintage vehicles which looked new for they...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    October 7, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

Once again we had a mixture of summer and fall temperatures and probably will have until it really changes and we get frost and I hope that it will be a few weeks before this happens. The nights have been nice with temperatures in the sixties and...


Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

We have had a fall week of weather and the first day of fall included in the weekend. It was in the forties and fifties at night and most days was in the sixties or low seventies. There was plenty of rain and the creeks were up and even got out in...


Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

Week of September 16 The past week has been like the one before but the weekend was warmer and so we are probably going to have some warmer weather again. This is the way it goes most of the time before it really gets into fall. The weather is like...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    September 9, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

Hoping everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and was able to be with family and friends. This is probably the last long weekend for those who work in many job forces. We had a good week as far as the weather goes, it was cooler and with some rain...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    September 2, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

Prayers still for those people in the Waverly area where there was so much damage and loss of lives from the flood. Many are making an effort to help in different ways and I know it will all be appreciated. We have had several thunderstorms with...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    August 26, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

This past week and weekend we had lots of thunderstorms with heavy rain and the creeks get up but we were lucky that we did not have the flooding that occurred in some areas. Heavy flooding occurred with some areas reporting 12 to 15 inches of rain...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    August 19, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

We had a slight break in the temperatures for a few days because of the thunderstorms that have been happening in the area. We also had rain and it was heavy in some areas and not so much in others. I guess it is because of the rain we had from the t...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    August 5, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

This past week has been a continuation of temperatures in the nineties and eighties alomos every day, but this week seems that we might have some lower temperatures and even nights in the sixties which would be really nice. Last Friday we had a...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    July 29, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

We just finished a week of extreme temperatures and, according to the weather predictions, it will be another week of the same unless we have some rain showers to cool it off some. The temperatures have been in the upper eighties and low nineties for... Full story

 By Dorothy Warf    News    July 22, 2021

Gordonsburg Little Swan News

We are still having thunderstorms pop up around the area but as far as I know there has not been much damage except limbs and debris along the roads and yards. Some have also had to work on fences where limbs and trees have fallen on the fences or...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    July 15, 2021

Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

We have had lots of thunderstorms with lightning and sometimes hard rain scattered around the area, but surprisingly the creeks have not been out of their banks or in any roads that I know of. The temperatures have been in the eighties during the...

 By Dorothy Warf    News    July 8, 2021

Gordonsburg / Little Swan News

We have been having some very hot and, for the most part, humid days and many with temperatures in the seventies at night. We had a thunderstorm last Tuesday and it must have done some damage in the area. I have not had a phone, internet, or cell...


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