One Day at a Time

By “E.T. Trevathan, Contributing Writer

Series: One day at a time | Story 97

Well it is a cool morning here in our little valley. It is a little too cool to sit out on the porch this morning, I sure am looking forward to later on this spring when it warms up just a little more, then we will be having lots of warm sunshine with gentle cool breezes and it will be warm enough to sit out on the porch in the mornings.

The cats have had their breakfast and have gone back to their warm beds, they do not like cold weather or even cool weather. They like to get out and play in the warm sunshine, but warmer days will soon be here.

Bob has got the breakfast dishes done and the kitchen clean, but he still does not know where the broom and mop is.

We have had a busy week, Bobby fixed some windows that would not stay open by themselves, we have got a lot done outside, we got the yard mowed and all the sticks picked up, Bobby got all the remaining firewood split and ranked and ready for next winter, we got the porch swept and now we need to get them all scrubbed and wash real good.

I talked to some gardening friends and they have potatoes and onions coming up. We were outside walking around and our blueberry bushes have a lot of small blueberries on them, our old apple tree was loaded with blooms and if these small frost that we have been having did not hurt it then we should have a lot of what we call June apples because they are normally ready to pick sometime in June.

We were out running errands and saw that gas prices had gone down about ten cents, that was good to see, I hope they do not jump back up again. High gas prices really make it hard on people that have to drive a long way to work.

I was in the grocery store but the grocery prices have not gone down and some prices have gone up a little. I guess we all just have to adjust to these changing prices, used to be you could count on an item being a certain price but now the prices change weekly and some even seem to change daily. We need to be careful how we spend our money and save where we can. Try making a list, that is what I do and it really helps and remember the old saying “waste not, want not’.

I have got a busy time planned, I have been doing some spring cleaning and you all know what a job that is, Bob and Bobby will help me but it is a busy time, I always like to wash my quilts and hang them out on the clothesline to dry, we have got to put away our winter clothes, once the porches are cleaned good they need painting and also the rocking chairs, there is a lot to do but I am looking forward to it.

Thank all of you for your prayers and cards, I am feeling so much better. I can tell you that a bad sinus infection and dehydration can just about get a person down, but I am back, almost. Bob and myself are have birthdays this week and we are proud that we are having them! We are trying to eat good, take our supplements, walk and exercise everyday, if you can do that and keep your mind active by reading and trying to learn something new everyday you may be surprised how much better you will feel, I know it sure makes us feel better.

I have finished my coffee and I have got to get busy. The cats are now up and they are watching the neighbor’s cows, I hope they don’t get any ideas.

I am not going to worry about tomorrow and I am going to take one day at a time because God still has it all under control and He is the light at the end of the tunnel.

God bless.


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