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Health is your birthright, and your body has an amazing ability to heal. You can make choices that make a profound difference in the quality of your health.

What you eat, and what you do not eat, is a choice you can make several times every day. Nutrients from your diet are critical for your health. They are needed for the growth and development of a baby. In adults, nutrients are needed to replace cells, to make hormones and chemical messengers, to repair damage, and for all functions in your body.

What are the consequences of poor nutrition?

Infertility, unhealthy children, poor wound healing, allergies, obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer to name a few big ones. Frances Pottenger, MD studied cats given a diet that provided all of the needed nutrients compared to a nutrient deficient diet. The first group of cats reproduced easily, had normal bone structure and healthy teeth, were resistant to infections, they were friendly and even tempered, well-coordinated and simply died of old age. The cats fed a nutritionally inadequate diet had changes in their teeth and bones, increased infections, endocrine diseases (thyroid, diabetes), allergies, degenerative diseases (cancer, heart, and autoimmune diseases), antisocial behavior and after 4 generations became completely infertile.

How many people do you know with these health problems? How many of them have you experienced yourself? I can tell you that it is always easier to prevent these problems than to turn them around after they have already occurred. But the body is truly amazing, and there are many things you can do to improve your health. Next time we will begin discussing the basic principles of good nutrition for a human.

Dr. Veronica Tilden is a doctor of osteopathy. Osteopaths are fully licensed physicians, and additionally they learn how to diagnose and treat using their hands. She has helped people regain vibrant health with a holistic approach since 1997, using traditional hands-on osteopathy and lifestyle counseling. (931) 295-3115 or


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