One Day at a Time

by Evelyn “E.T.” Trevathan

Series: One day at a time | Story 130

January 18, 2024

Well it is a cold winter morning here in our little valley. The sun is shining and there is no wind blowing right now. The wind sure has been blowing over the last few days, I can not remember us ever having wind this high for this many days. The wind has been so cold and high, you can not stand to be out in it for long at a time. I know we always have a lot of wind in March, but never this bad and in January.

With all this winter weather forecasted I have got my bread and milk, I do not know why when there is a forecast for any kind of bad weather everyone has to go to the store and get bread and milk right before the storm.

This morning the cats had their bowl of warm milk and they ate their breakfast in a hurry and now they have gone off to find themselves a warm and comfortable place to take a nap.

There is a lot of birds at the bird feeders in the backyard. There are at least 10 big redbirds and about five or six other types of birds at the feeders. The birds are really enjoying those feeders, Bobby has been trying to keep the feeders full. We sure enjoy watching all the birds at the feeders.

Here we are in 2024 and we are all wondering what this year will bring. I am not worried because God already knows what is ahead and I know whatever comes He will take care of us. I do not know what His plans are for us but I am going to do the best I can and I am going to depend on Him.

There sure is a lot sickness going around, everyone I talk to is sick or someone in their family is sick. You know now a days they have put names on all these sicknesses or diseases, I remember when my kids were growing up and even when we all were little, everybody mostly called it a bad cold or the flu.

Used to be when someone was sick, we all ate a lot of soup, cooked onions and honey and we sure used a lot of Vicks salve. We all sure smelled good, with eating baked onions and having Vicks rubbed on your neck, back and feet and wearing warm flannel, but none of us stayed sick for long. Things sure have changed over the years.

Ladies, I have started sewing and I am beginning to work on a quilt that I had started last Fall, I am going to finish it and I already have another one cut out and ready to sew. I also have been crocheting and I almost have an afghan finished.

The forecast keeps calling for snow and cold weather, but our old wood heating stove sure is doing a good job keeping the house warm, thank you Ms. Pattie for the fire starter sticks they are great at getting a fire started. Since it has been so cold we have not let the fire get too low, except for days when the wind gets so high.

I hope all of you are doing well and looking forward to this new year. I know we are in wintertime but you know Spring will be here before we know it. I am still enjoying this Winter and I do complain about the cold but I can put another stick of firewood in the stove or turn up the heat, I know I should not complain because there are a lot of people who are having trouble staying warm and I realize how blessed we are and I am.

I have got a busy day ahead. The kitchen is clean and Bob is having his coffee. For dinner we are going to have pinto beans and brown cornbread with cabbage and fired taters, I can fix it and set it on the old wood heating stove to keep it warm until we are ready to eat.

I am not going to worry about tomorrow and I am going to take one day at a time because God still has it all under control and He is the light at the end of the tunnel.

God bless,

Evelyn “E.T.” Trevathan


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