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E911 September activities


November 5, 2020

Lewis County Emergency Communications District, E-911 Emergency Dispatch Center activities for September 1-30, 2020

Lewis County Sheriff Office

Accident 8

Accident w/injury 2

Accident EMS needed 2

Alarm 4

Animal call 22

Arrest & hold 1

ATV/Motorcycles 3

Busy 10

Burglary 4

Call this station by phone 14

Check Vehicle/Registration 64

Dead on arrival 1

Disorderly person/house 6

Disturbing the peace 2

Domestic 6

Driving while intoxicated 1

Escort 1

False call 2

Family Disturbance 12

Fight 4

Fire Call 2

Harassment 3

Juvenile complaints 5

Kidnapping 1

Location 3

Misc. 37

Missing person 1

Prowler on premises 2

Receiving Poorly 1

Reckless driving 6

Road bock 7

Roadway hazards 7

Serving warrant or process 11

Shooting 2

Stolen vehicle 2

Suicide 4

Suspicious person 15

Suspicious vehicle 7

Theft of property 11

Trees 3

Trespassing 6

Vandalism 1

Welfare Check 16

Report Total 322

Hohenwald Police Dept.

ATV/motorcycles 2

Accident 14

Alarm 13

Accident EMS needed 3

Ambulance 3

Animal call 12

Busy 16

Burglary 2

Call Telephone 4

Checking Vehicle 242

Dead on arrival 1

Disorderly person/house 6

Disturbing the peace 5

Domestic 1

Drugs 1

EMS needed send ambulance 3

Enroute 1

False call 1

Family Disturbance 8

Fight 3

Fire Call 3

Harassment 2

In Service 1

Juvenile complaints 4

Location 1

Misc. 32

Missing person 3

Prowler on premises 1

Reckless driving 6

Roadway hazards 9

Serving warrant or process 4

Shooting 2

Shoplifter 1

Shooting 2

Stolen vehicle 1

Suspicious person 10

Suspicious vehicle 1

Theft of property 3

Trees 1

Trespassing 4

Vandalism 4

Want Officer Investigation 1

Welfare check 13

Report Total 450

Hohenwald-Lewis County Fire Dept.

Accident 2

Accident w/injuries 2

Alarm 1

Ambulance 8

Fire Call 3

Suicide 1

Total report 17

Hohenwald-Lewis County Fire Rescue Department

Alarm 1

Ambulance 2

Fire Call 3

Total report 6

Maury Regional Emergency Medical Services

September 1 to September 30, 2020

Accident 2

Accident with injury 2

Ambulance 61

Fight 1


Fire Call 1

Suicide 3

Total report 71

Scope of responsibilities

The LC-EOC is officially one of the 99 Communication Districts in Tennessee. Mandated by Federal, and State Laws, the regulations, responsibilities, certifications, CEU requirements, records to be kept, policies, procedures and audits fill several binders, all of which the dispatchers are required to be more than familiar with. LCSO, HPD, HFD, EMS, THP, TBI, FBI, NCIC, CAD, ORI, MSAG, TEMA, and NEMA are just a few of the acronyms utilized in the more than 48 pages of jargon found in the training manuals.

Responsibilities of the job include the knowledge and ability to operate all office machines, and equipment, monitor radios, phones, computers, weather alert stations, and terminals simultaneously. In the event of a community wide emergency alert, the EOC is first to notify the schools, nursing home, and utility providers. Activate the Fire Department weather pagers, and Community Alert System when answering an emergency call; determine agency to contact first, prioritize, assist the first responders by utilizing the master street address guide (MSAG), monitor for continued needs, respond to other incoming calls, and when all that is done, process and file the reports.

Support Law Enforcement and First Responders in running reports on motor vehicle tags, vin numbers, ownership, registration, valid driver license, insurance, concealed carry permits, registered sex offenders. Reporting missing persons; child, juveniles, seniors, elopement, or abduction. Copy, enter, and file audio recordings for release to the courts, emergency agencies, investigators, law enforcement, insurance, media, processing the request, obtaining approval.

Appointment of Records Custodian is a mandate set in July of 2013 by the National 911 Program. Responsibilities of this appointment include the collection, separation, and retention of 32 classifications of records. The information obtained is submitted to the National 911 program for assessment. Local EOC's utilize the information gleaned to identify problems in the community, define the questions that lead to solutions, and assist in the determination of staffing needs, note trends in system use. An example is identifying call


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