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February 18, 2021

The weekend and even today and for several days coming it is speculated that there will be extremely cold and treacherous road conditions and weather. Today the roads are covered with ice that looks like snow but mostly is sleet and ice frozen on trees and everything you see. Although it is pretty, it is very hazardous so if you must be out please be extremely careful whether walking or driving. Sunday we went to church but when we left home we didn’t realize that there was black ice all over the roadways that caused my vehicle to slide once or twice. We made it there and back home safely for which I am very thankful. I will not be out today unless there is some kind of emergency and recommend that others do the same. Only emergency vehicles need to be out in this kind of weather and not those who just want to see if they can drive on it. The temperatures are in the low twenties and probably will not be any higher today or tomorrow and even lower tonight.

Those who are sick or shut-in and in need of prayers for whatever the need: David and Joyce Barnes, G.Y. Bennett, Connie Bonner, Barbara Brown, Burrell Brown, Dorothy Brown, Amy Carroll, Betty Carroll, Debbie Carroll, David Carroll, Dorothy Carroll, Joann Carroll, Kathleen Carroll, Quentin Carroll, Mary Ann Churchwell, Spencer Clark, Fada Clay, Billy Cothran, Marian Dryden, Rusty Dupont, Larry Evans, Teresa Garland, Helen Hardin, Christy Hinson, Tom Hornal, Mickey James, Monet King, Jackie McFall, Wendy McKnight, Nicki Lewis, Donna Owen, Sonia Quillen, Mona Runions, Nell Skelton, Freddie Sublett, Donnie Teefataller, Jim and Jan Walker, Jim Webb, Annette Williams, and Doug Williams. Please continue to pray for our nation - that it will heal from this virus that has so long disrupted our lives in many ways including death to some of our loved ones and for peace in our world.

Happy birthday to Brilynn Gray and Jason Sims the 19th, Frances Gleason and Jean Zimmerman the 20th, to Curtis Cagle and Winnie Lawson the 22nd, to Ashley Garner and Caleb Odom the 23rd, Rebecca Gleason and Lisa Carroll the 24th, and Dustin Stutts and Akbar Rahman the 24th; wishing for these many more happy days to celebrate life and hope they have a great birthday.

There was a celebration at the home of Darrell and Diana Runions on Friday night for Diana and Amanda’s birthdays. There was plenty of good food and fellowship with them enjoying crab legs and steak with other stuff. May those celebrating have many more birthdays to celebrate.

We express sympathy to the families of Charlotte Roseland (Yarbrough) Webber, Terry Robert Smith, Rodney Keith Lomax, Margie Nell Garrette Willis, Jerry Dean Burlison, Virgina Ruth Sullivan, Linda Darnell Williams, Lydia Bell Floyd, Dolly Lorene Hinson, Billy Jean Furlow, Douglas Wayne Pickard and Gregory Charles Jones. Prayers for these families and any other families that have lost loved ones.

A wise saying, “The best way to get even is to forget”. When we hold grudges it only hurts us and not those who have wronged us.

Prayers for a safe week it looks to be dangerous for us to be out unless necessary, so be extra careful and take care not to fall even in your yard or on the porch and especially on steps as ice is everywhere. May your family be blessed with happiness and health. At this time remember all those who are shut-in and sick.


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