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By Dorothy Warf
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Gordonsburg/Little Swan News

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March 31, 2022

The temperatures for the last week have been spring-like for the nights have been in the thirties or slightly lower and the days in the sixties or low seventies. I will be glad when it gets warmer day and night. Several people I know have already put out some garden items and I hope they haven’t wasted the effort for it has been around freezing a few night. Maybe it will not have hurt the plants and of course things like potatoes will not be hurt until they begin to come up.

Those I know of who are sick either at home, nursing facilities or in the hospitals are: Terry Anderson, Connie Bonner, L.C. Bowen, Kathleen Carroll, Spencer Clark, Fada Clay, Bailey Cromwell, Buffy Farnsworth, Wilburn Franks, Connie Lindsey, Labri Kendricks, Lyda Mae Hooper, Shirley Howe, Monette King, Colben Ly, Raquel Mallari, Greg McCann, Mike McCann, Jackie McFall, Norene O’Kelly, Betty Odom, Donna Owen, Pam Pullman, Colene Rasbury, Marsha Runions, Mona Runions, Roy Sharp, Joe Shipp, Nell Skelton, Jim and Jan Walker, Diane White, and Annette Williams. Please pray for these in your daily prayers that they might be better and for any others that need prayers.

We wish a happy birthday to Ellie Eastep on March 31st, Eric Odom April 2nd, Lily Carroll the 3rd, Mandy Hinson and Lucas Baker the 5th, Derrick Graves and Monica Dupont the 6th, and Crystal Lomax and Sarah Carroll the 7th. Wishing for these a very happy birthday and many more to celebrate life.

Happy anniversary to Jim and Jan Walker on April 2nd. We wish for them many more happy years to celebrate life together.

Prayers for all those who have lost loved ones this past week. Those I know of include Betsy Byrne Keaton Dunn and Zamario Lamar Ezell. Prayers for all these families and any others that we may not know about.

This time of year there are a lot of things that need to be done outside. With all the high winds we have had, there are lots of sticks and limbs to be picked up and yards to mow after that is done. The early weeds and things that come up really get to looking bad if yards are not mowed, some in the spring even before the grass begins to grow.

Let us continue to remember to pray for those people in the Ukraine with all the fighting. Many are forced to leave their homes and when this is resolved they will have nothing to return to as many homes and families are being destroyed. Blessed are those countries around them that are allowing people to come into their area.

The children are on spring break this week, and many are on vacation visiting family members from other areas. This will probably be the last break before Easter as it is late in April this year. Wishing for all the children a happy and blessed break from school. Parents, remember our museum which is open Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m. till 4 p.m., it is a great place to spend quality time with your children and there is so much to learn there. If the weather is warm, there is also the Discovery Center which they can walk through and see many trees and shrubs and many other things. The Elephant Sanctuary also offers a great time to enjoy with children and learn more about the elephants.

Wishing for you and your family a great week and that it may be filled with health and happiness. Enjoy your family for we are not promised tomorrow and the great treasure of having time to spend with them. Remember those who cannot be out and visit if possible or send cards or make a phone call to them.


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