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Simplifying Your Life


Just as the title suggests, this involves simplifying one’s life by choice rather than out of need. It means you put a ceiling on your wants and desires, not necessarily because you have to, but because you choose to do so. You will see the wisdom and potential for peace in your life. Placing a ceiling on what you want frees you up, so that you can enjoy what you already have. Simplifying your life will reward you with more time, money and energy so that you can have more of each for yourself, friends and family.

Many people have found that “keeping up with the Joneses” is stressful and time consuming because we fall into the habit of ever increasing wants, needs and desires. It seems that most of us believe that more is better, more stuff, more things to do, more experiences and so forth. But, is it really?

At some point, we get so busy that it prevents us from enjoying our lives. It seems that virtually every minute of every day is scheduled and accounted for. We rush from activity to activity, usually more interested in “what’s next” than we are in what we’re doing in the present.

This movement toward a slightly simpler life is not limited to the super wealthy. Instead, its wisdom is seen by a wide range of people who have chosen to embrace this philosophy, and in every case, they claim it has paid good personal dividends.

Simplicity in your life is not about any single decision, nor is it about voluntary poverty. You can enjoy, have, and even want nice things and still enjoy a simpler life. It’s more of a direction, a series of conscious decisions that you make because you want to improve the quality of your life. The key is take a serious look at what’s truly important in your life. The key is take a serious look at what’s truly important in your life. If you’d like a little more time, a little more energy and a little more peace of mind, think about exploring this idea more carefully.


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