By Dorothy Warf
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Gordonsburg/Little Swan News

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I guess ol’man winter is not finished with us yet, it was 45 on Friday and then on Saturday morning it was 55 still cool for spring but the blackberries are really blooming so guess this is blackberry winter. Maybe it will soon be warm and then we can complain that it is too hot, ha; isn’t that the way we do. Hope the allergies are not too bad in your area but the pollen has been really high causing breathing problems for many.

Those I know of who are sick either at home, nursing facilities or in the hospitals are: Terry Anderson, Bethann Bates, Vickie Bates, Kay Baxter, Carson Bennett, Connie Bonner, L C Bowen, Kathleen Carroll, Spencer Clark, Fada Clay, Bailey Cromwell, Buffy Farnsworth, Calvin Harris (4 year old son of Jerry and Erin Harris) is taking treatments at St Jude children’s hospital, Cruz Henderson, Labri Kendricks, Martha Hensley, Lyda Mae Hooper, Shirley Howe, Monette King, Colben Ly, Raquel Mallari, Brittany Mash, Linda Mercer, Mike McCann, Jackie McFall, Norene O’Kelly, Betty Odom, Donna Owen, Rocco Pierce, Pam Pullman, Colene Rasbury, Mona Runions, Bill Seiber will have cataract surgery soon, Tyler Seiber, Roy Sharp, Joe Ship, Vickie Skelton, Nell Skelton, Howard Tripp, Jim Walker, Diane White, Sharon White, and Annette Williams. Please pray for these in your daily prayers that they might be better and for any others that need prayers.

We wish a happy birthday to Patricia Qualls and TJ Hinson the 14th, Glen Hinson the 15th, Ronnie Hinson the 16th, Billy Sims, Gabriella Reeves and Dee Warf the 17th, Ronnie Lewis the 18th, and Darren Henderson the 19th. Wishing for these a very happy birthday and many more to celebrate life.

Prayers for all those who have lost loved ones this past week that I know of Darrin Dotson, Melissa Smith, Inez Collins Scott, John Gregory (Greg) McCord, Kodi Gail Knight, Brenda Greer Nutt, William (Bill) Henry Nunnelly, Garland Edward Horner, Thomas Wayne Avis, Frances Irene Lonas, Christopher Scott Moffitt, Marshall Clayborn Buchanan, Beulah Lee McGahey, Alice Marie Pafford, Robert (Bobby) Junior Hassell, Ronald Eugene Smith Jr., ad Joe Willard England. Prayers for all these families and any others about which we may not know.

The Palestine Cemetery will hold Homecoming on May 22nd at 2pm at the cemetery, make plans to attend and if you cannot then send donations to the Regions bank for the Palestine cemetery fund. We have been blessed by having a place for those we love to be buried and let us make an effort to help keep it up as it has been in the past.

The children will soon be out of school for the summer, and I know that they are excited as well as the teachers. Praying that they will all have a safe and enjoyable time doing the things they like to do and enjoying the wonderful world that God has prepared for us. We send congratulations to all those who have graduated whether it be Kindergarten, high school, college or other.

Prayers for you and your family to have a great week and hope you enjoy good health and happiness but don’t forget those who are less fortunate and try to help in in way you can let them know that someone cares for them.


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