Glimpses of Hohenwald's Past By Crystal Nash

By Crystal Nash

Series: Glimpses of Hohenwalds Past | Story 148

June 11, 1953

V.K. Conner was named cashier of the Hampshire Bank, having served as assistant cashier at the Hohenwald Bank and Trust for seven years.

A Mt. Pleasant resident drowned while swimming during a church picnic at Swan Creek, about five miles east of Hohenwald.

Kate Schubert marked her ten-year anniversary as an employee of Genesco.

Funeral services were held for Billy Marshall, 8; and for Augusta Watkins, 74.

A large box of Tide laundry soap cost $0.27 at U-Tote ‘Em, and a dozen lemons were on sale for $0.29.

Kittrell Motor Company advertised that a brand new set of Firestone tires could be purchased on a payment plan for as little as $1.00 per week.

“Fort Vengeance,” starring James Craig, and “Texans Never Cry,” starring Gene Autry and his horse, Champion, were the Friday and Saturday movies showing at the Strand Theatre.

“Waco,” starring Wild Bill Elliott, and “Bowery at Midnight,” starring Bela Lugosi and John Archer were the Friday movies showing at the Highlands Drive-in Theater.

June 13, 1963

The Lewis County Civic Club signed a resolution stating that the club was in favor of a college being established in Hohenwald and asked the State Commissioner of Education to lend his efforts towards the establishment of such a college in this city.

Clay Beatty caught a 74-pound yellow catfish while fishing at Tower Rock Hole.

Mr. and Mrs. Gayther Hinson, Jr. announced the birth of their son, Roger Mack.

Advertised specials this week included at watermelons at Seaton’s Bi-Rite for the price of $0.79 each and six ears of corn for $0.29. A two-pound box of Velvetta was $0.79 at Piggly Wiggly and four pounds of lard was on sale for $0.45.

M.V.A. Motor Company advertised a 1963 Ford Falcon for as low as $43.40 per month.

“Young Guns of Texas,” starring James Mitchum and Alana Ladd, and “Thunder Road,” starring Robert Mitchum, were the Friday and Saturday movies showing at the Highlands Drive-In and Strand Theatre.

June 14, 1973

Steve Snyder of the Tennessee Arts Commission held a craft meeting at Lewis County Library for the purpose of gauging interest in offering craft classes.

Brenda Carroll was named LCHS 1973 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow.

Samuel Davis was initiated into the U. T. Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma.

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Grover announced the birth of their son, Scott Morton.

Funeral services were held for Ernest Staggs, 66.

“Snowball Express,” starring Dean Jones and Nancy Olson, and “Walt Disney World” were the weekend movies shown at the Highlands Drive-In.

June 16, 1983

Landis Turner was elected Chairman of the House of Delegates of the Tennessee Bar Association.

A meeting was held at City Hall when a waste plant film was shown as part of planning for a project to build a solid waste plant in Hohenwald.

Bryon Hobbs and Kelli Kea attended the 28th annual 4-H Regional Resource Development Conference held at Fontana Dam, NC.

Patrick Tatum was named first runner-up in the Beauty Corral Pageant in Perry County.

Edd Sharp built and donated a directors stand to the LCHS band.

Wallace Cotham and Kevin Herrin caught a 7.5-pound channel catfish while fishing at Pin Oak Lake.

Lena Hull was honored for her 92nd birthday with a party at Lewis County Manor.

Funeral services were held for D. D. Humphreys, Jr., 75; Veston Pollock, 66; William Roberson, 82; and for Leland Warren, 66.

“Lone Wolf McQuade,” starring Chuck Norris and David Carridene, was the weekend movie showing at the Highlands Drive-in Theatre.

June 17, 1993

Landscape work was completed at the Depot on East Main Street as a service project of the Pilot Club of Hohenwald. A matching grant from Wal-Mart enabled the club to plant shrubbery to enhance the historic site.

A parade and a dedicate for a gazebo bandshell on South Maple Street was being planned for July 3 as part of Lewis County Sesquincentennial Celebrations.

Pro-Tech Medical Supply designed, built, and donated a wheelchair to Roger Pitts.

A fundraiser was held to raise money to aide Sheriff Larry Hensley with medical expenses incurred from a shooting incident on April 10 while attempting to serve a warrant.

Dr. and Mrs. R.W. Bouldin returned home from a trip to New Mexico where they attended an Elderhostel at the College of Santa Fe.

The following births were announced: RoyeAnn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. RoyDe Weaks; and Brandon Nicolas, son of Stacey Barber.

Bluford Conner was honored for his 91st birthday with a party at Lewis County Manor.

Rena Duncan was honored for her 88th birthday with a fish fry supper at the home of her granddaughter in Lawrenceburg.

Funeral services were held for Wilford Hamm, 69; Edith Sledge, 80; and for Anna Warf, 73.

June 12, 2003

Maury Regional announced it would discontinue services to the bulk of TennCare patients as of January 1, 2004. This would include patients at its satellite facility in Lewis County.

Perry County Grand Jury indicted 26 people on drug charges including 2 Lewis County residents.

The City of Hohenwald presented service awards to employees. Paul Webb was recognized for 20 years of service and Wayne Dye for 5 years.

Jeff Kappeler of Nebraska was awarded a grant by the Lewis County Historical Society to document and disseminate information central to the formation of the New Switzerland Swiss Colony which was an important segment of Lewis County’s history.

Calvin Whitehead graduated from One Station Unit Training at the Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, GA.

The following births were announced: Alexis Jade, daughter of David Pope and Christina Calvert; Kaylie Hannah, daughter of David and Veronica DuPont; and Kayla Nicole, daughter of Marty and Geri Howard.

Reverend and Mrs. Jack Tharp would celebrate their 50th anniversary with a reception at the First Pentecostal Church Fellowship Hall.

C. W. and Virginia Haley would celebrate their 50 anniversary with a reception at the Mt. Zion United Pentecostal Church.

Funeral services were held for Lena Adkins, 69; Elvis Harder, 93; Darlene Grinder, 53; and for Paul James, 83.

This article was written using local history resources available at the Lewis County Public Library and Archives. Libraries are guardians of history. Visit the library and archives to learn more about our community’s unique past.


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