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The weather is slowly moving to summer temperatures, with them being in the seventies for several days. We have had some rain, and it seems to have brought the dogwood and red bud trees into full bloom. The woods along the roads are very pretty and so many colors as the blue bells and the smaller violets are blooming along the creek banks. The farmers are beginning to get their garden plots ready for planting and I am sure that some have already planted some things.

Those I know of who are sick either at home, in nursing facilities or in the hospitals are: Kasey Baker, Joyce Barnes, Colene Beasley, Linda Butler, Elizabeth Boggs, Gertie Carroll, Spencer Clark, Mary Ann Churchwell, Robert and Pat Dickson, Paula Dyer, Polly Edwards, Joy Franks, Ophelia Green, Darrell Hinson, Wanda Holloway, Jimmy Lee Johnston, Denny King, Monette King, Lillie Mitchell, Claire Elizabeth Mayberry, Greg McCann, Helen McCann, Brittany Mash, Doug Miller, Howard Miller, Jackie McFall, Joy Orman, Roger Pace, Debbie Pierce, Harry Runions, Marsha Runions, Russell Runions, Lewis Schultz, Johnnie Faye Skelton, Ann Spencer, Terry Stutts, Jeff Tatum, Diane Williams, and Annette Williams. Prayers for these and others who are sick.

We wish a happy birthday to Derrick Graves the 6th, Crystal Lomax and Sarah Carroll the 7th Wishing for all these a very happy birthday and many more years to enjoy life.

Prayers for all those families who lost loved ones this past week. These are the ones I know about Reacel Sherrill, Janice Marie Huckaba Webster Dicus, Marian M. Dugger, Soleil Danielle Duncan, Lou Elle Dickens, Hubert (Malcolm) Michael Tidwell, and Joyce Ernestine Shelby Cochran. Prayers for these families and any others about which I may not know.

Easter is past and so it seems spring is now in full bloom. The children are enjoying this week as it is spring break and there is no school and most ball games have also been cancelled because many are traveling and so some teams would not have all their players available. Hoping all the children have a great week and enjoy their activities whatever they be.

Enjoyed having my grandson, Blake home on Friday and all the work he did for me and others, he mowed and weed eat three yards and used the chain saw to trim some limbs and bushes. Always enjoy having him here and especially to share a meal with him. On Saturday afternoon Selina, Jeanea, Kaitlynn, Maria, and I traveled to Dickson to spend some time with him at a special service where he attends church and also we enjoyed a meal afterwards with him after he took us by to see his apartment, it is very nice.

Wishing happiness and health to you and your family and as the weather gets warmer and the world more beautiful that you will be able to get out and enjoy the area where you live. Prayers for those in need and those who do not feel up to par as some say, wishing them better days.


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