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Series: Gordonsburg | Story 4

I guess it was blackberry winter we jsut finished because the vines are really pretty with so many blooms on them. As far as other weather goes, we had a thunderstorm Sunday night which was pretty fierce with high winds and hard rain, thunder and lightning. There were trees down and power outages everywhere and even in surrounding counties.

As I was going over to Selina’s to check on things, I had to ease around a tree with some pretty big limbs. Jesse came and cut it up and we got it moved off the road so people could get through without hitting the limbs. A policeman came by and helped some and he said that there were lots of trees down on the other end of Little Swan Road and on Springer Church House Road along with lots of other damage, some severe to roofs in town. Don’t know if it was a tornado or just straight-line winds, but some of the damage looked like a tornado.

Those who are sick or shut-in and in need of prayers for whatever the need are David and Joyce Barnes, G. Y. Bennett, Connie Bonner, Barbara Brown, Burrell Brown, Dorothy Brown, Amy Carroll, Dorothy Carroll, Joann Carroll, Kathleen Carroll, Spencer Clark, Fada Clay, Terrell Crews, Rusty Dupont, Tina Spears Gauthier, Geneva Grover, Helen Hardin, Myrtle Harvey, Mickey James, Monette King, Edith Lawson, Ronnie Lewis, Wendy McKnight, Rita Norris, Angie Odom, Lonnie Odom, Lisa Owen, Coleen Rasbury, J. T. Runions, Mona Runions, Erlene Russell, Tommy and Gwen Shaw, Nell Skelton, Earl Stutts, Annette Williams, Margie Willis and Selina Young. Please remember these in your daily prayers along with others you know who are sick or shut-in.

Happy birthday to Baylee Baxter and Wilda Risner, May 9, Pat Carroll, Carol Hinson, William McCann, Llien Hammack and Malia Bennett, May 11, Ronald Johnston, Colby Carroll and Melissa Green, May 12, and Patricia Qualls and T.J. Hinson May 14. Wishing these many more happy days to celebrate life and hope they have a great birthday.

We express our sympathy to the families of Suzanne Marzolf, Joe Churchwell, Dolores (Jody) Bunch, Hailey Laster, Chevelle Leshea McClenton, Sam Davis Ray, James Earl Daniel, Austin Peay Herbison, Margaret Jane Anglin and Dorothy Maizelle Potts. Prayers for these families and any other families who have lost loved ones whom we may not know about.

Praying that the light opening of the quarantine will not be a mistake. So remember to wear mask,wash hands often and good and keep hands off face and away from eyes and ears. Maybe this will bring some relief to our nation and especially those in the medical field and others who have worked so hard during this trying time in our nation. This will be remembered along with 911 for many, many years and will always be in the minds of those who have suffered through it whether they have been sick or not because of the separation of those who love each other and cannot be together.

Praying for each of you to have a good week and enjoy the world around us as the year brings summer-like temperatures to our area. May you be blessed with health and happiness during the coming days and weeks.


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