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By Evelyn 'E.T.' Trevathan
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One Day at a Time

Series: One day at a time | Story 19

September 9, 2021

Well it is a nice cool day here in our little valley. There’s a cool breeze blowing across the porch, this morning it seems like you can feel fall in the air. The cats have had their breakfast and they are all curled up taking naps, one is on our swing beside me, no they’re not spoiled at all. I sure enjoy these peaceful times.

Seems like covid is back really bad again. I was thinking back to when we were growing up. There were all kinds of diseases and we had to have our vaccines and mama would keep us in if there was someone sick and she would tell us don’t get too close to the other kids at school if they were coughing. When mine were little, they had to have their shots before they could start school and I would tell mine what my mama told us. I don’t know if any of us really listened, just like people today. When we got home from school we would change our clothes. We washed our face and hands with water and made sure to use soap. We didn’t know what a mask was except for on the “Lone Ranger” radio show. I think today if we would all try a little harder to protect ourselves and if others would do their part, it might help. We are praying for safety and I think most people are also, but He expects us to do what we can do also.

Well the summer gardens are almost gone and I guess some people are glad and ready for a break. It has been a long hot summer. I’ve seen a lot of spiders and insects, especially grasshoppers - it makes me wonder what kind of winter we will have. We will soon be getting our firewood for the old heating stove before long. We got our propane filled a little while ago, also I have gotten my oil lamps filled. I am trying to get ready just in case we have a lot of ice and snow and power outages. We may have a mild winter but you never know.

I guess I will be making pear preserves next week. Our friends in Lewisburg say the pears are about ready. Pear preserves sure are good on a cold snowy winter morning or evening on a hot biscuit right out of the oven. I finished that quilt that I was working on and now I am ready to hem it. It has been a good year for me, I am not going to worry about tomorrow and I’m taking it one day at a time. God has is all under control and He is the light at the end of the tunnel.

God Bless.


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