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December 1, 2022

By Dorothy Warf,

Contributing Writer

We have had a taste of what may be in store for us in the coming months and I hope it is wrong and will not be this bad. The temperatures have dipped into the low teens on several occasions during the last week or so. Despite the cold morning temperatures there is still beauty in the sights along the road as icicles can be frozen up the weeds along the road and especially around the creek, they are really pretty and then when the frost is on the trees and shrubs and the sun comes up they sparkle like diamonds. So I guess we should look for the beauty in the world around us regardless of the time of year it is.

Those I know of who are sick either at home, in nursing facilities or in the hospitals are: Connie Bonner, L C Bowen, Timmy Bennett, Bobby Carroll, Dorothy Carroll, Kathleen Carroll, Madison Chappell, Spencer Clark, Fada Clay, Robert Dickson, Jerry Edwards, Colleen Farr, Wilburn Franks, Callie Garrison, Malcolm George, Ophelia Green, Calvin Harris, Shirley Howe, Leon Hunter, Monette King, Bruce Ligon, Sherry Love, Claire Elizabeth Mayberry, Linda Mercer, Helen McCann, Mike McCann, Howard Miller, Jackie McFall, Lonnie Odom, Rocco Pierce, Pam Pullman, Hattie Roberts, Mona Runions, Mona Runions fell and broke some bones in her foot, Russell Runions, Vera Runions, Roy Sharp, Joe Ship, Vickie Skelton, Jim Walker, Sharon White, Diane Williams, and Annette Williams. Remember these in your daily prayers that they might be better and for any others that need prayers.

We wish a happy birthday Abby Grace Carroll and Leyton Kelly he 25th, Blake Kauffman the 26th, Kendall Bates and Wesley Haigh he 27th, Chase Odom, Joe Bates, Robert Pierce, Karli Bennett and Annabell Nash the 29th, Brody Clayton and Greg herring the 30th and to Michael Walker and Tony Watkins on December 1st. Wishing for these a very happy birthday and many more years to celebrate life.

Happy anniversary to Ronnie and Jennifer Lewis the 25th, we wish for this couple many more happy years to celebrate life together.

Prayers for all those who have lost loved ones this past week that I know of Dorothy Robbins, William Carroll, Ralph Hickerson, Elizabeth Anne Halbrooks, Deborah Ann Powers, Lois Fay Slaughter, Doyle Bates Rushton, Marie Marie Rushton, and Sonya Karen (Sydor) Pluckett.. Prayers for all these families and any others about which we may not know.

Thanksgiving will be here before this is published so wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving and let us remember all those who served and came to this land and managed to survive and teach others how to live in this new land which many now call home. Not many who live here are native to this land and we all have to learn to get along with others and share all the knowledge we have to help others to survive. Be safe and enjoy your family if possible.

The children will be out of school most of the week and that is always a treat for them and since there will be many celebrating the holiday with gatherings with family and friends there will be lots of food and with the meal many desserts to sample and enjoy. Prayers that your family will have a great holiday week and weekend.

Several of the Primetimers group from Lomax traveled to Linden to the Commodore Hotel for a meal and music on Thursday evening. The food was great and music was also good and we all enjoyed the fellowship and more visits several traveled there and back on the bus. Kaitlynn and Maria and I were in the group and enjoyed the trip despite the cold weather.

Prayers for you and your family to have a good holiday and enjoy the fellowship with family and friends. Prayers for those less fortunate who have lost loved ones during this time.


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