Baldness: is not parting such sweet sorrow?

by Danny Tyree

Series: Tyrades | Story 148

August 31, 2023

Yes, nearly 60 years after discovering “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” I still watch the classic sitcom; but some of the punchlines haven’t held up particularly well.

Or maybe I’m the one who hasn’t held up so well.

You may recall that gag writer Buddy Sorrell (played by Morey Amsterdam) always made longsuffering “Alan Brady Show” producer Mel Cooley the foil of his rapid-fire baldness jokes.

The zingers were HI-larious -- until my early thirties when I abruptly discovered that my luxurious hair was starting to take a vow of poverty.

Thanks to the wonders of genetics, I suddenly became self-consciou...

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