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By Dorothy Warf
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Gordonsburg/ Little Swan News

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April 16, 2020

We have had some cooler temperatures, even in the thirties, so I guess this is some of those winters that come with spring. Dogwoods have bloomed so maybe this is blackberry winter. It was cold enough that some of the early rising plants were bitten by its blast. Maybe we won’t have many more spells this cold. I am ready for the warmer temperatures, both night and day. The children want to go to the creek, but I tell them it has to be warmer at night for us to do that although anyone that knows Swan Creek knows it is never warm, even if the temperature is in the nineties.

I know we are all tired of being confined at home, but it is a must to keep this virus from spreading and becoming worse than it is. Let us remember during this time those who would love a phone call or card to cheer them through the day. It does not take long to call someone and tell him or her you care about them and hope they are having a good day.

We need to be thankful to all the truckers who are working so hard to be sure that groceries and other necessities are delivered where they belong and a special thanks to those who are helping them with food service for it is hard to get to places to order food in a vehicle of that size. If you see some driver needing food, help by driving through and ordering for them. Once again a big thank you to all those who are doing so much to help us through this trying time and a thanks also to medical professionals who are working so hard and placing themselves at risk for others.

Those who are sick or shut-in and in need of prayers for whatever the need: David and Joyce Barnes, G. Y. Bennett, Connie Bonner, Barbara Brown, Burrell Brown, Dorothy Brown, Jody Bunch, Amy Carroll, Dorothy Carroll, Joann Carroll, Kathleen Carroll, Fada Clay, Terrell Crews, Rusty Dupont, Tina Spears Gauthier, Geneva Grover, Helen Hardin, Myrtle Harvey, Ronnie Hinson, Mickey James, Monette King, Edith Lawson, Ronnie Lewis, Wendy McKnight, Rita Norris, Angie Odom, Lonnie Odom, Lisa Owen, Coleen Rasbury, J. T. Runions, Mona Runions, Erlene Russell, Tommy and Gwen Shaw, Nell Skelton, Earl Stutts, Annette Williams, Margie Willis and Selina Young. Please remember these in your daily prayers, along with others you know who are sick or shut-in.

Happy birthday to Ellen Henderson, Glenda Roden, Leanna Bates, and Caleb Odom, April 19, Ricky Carroll and Heather Odom, April 21, Tyler Seiber, April 25, and James Bradford and Tina Brewer, April 29. Wishing these many more happy days to celebrate life and hope they have a great birthday.

Happy anniversary to Kenneth and Jenny Carroll, April 20, and Ken and Lisa Kauffman, April 22. We wish these couples a very happy day and many wishes for years to come to celebrate life together.

We express sympathy to the families of Anita Jo Collins, Anita Jones, Douglas Duke Sr., Mary Carolyn Simpson, Lee Edward Loveless, William Terry Coop, and Edgar “Ed” Bass. Prayers for these families and any other families who have lost loved ones we may not know about.

Let us remember and keep praying for each other as we are still confined and cannot attend church or other events that we really enjoyed being a part of. Maybe it will not be much longer until this lets up and we can once again do those things we love. Prayers for each for health and happiness. Enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds even from your home or room where you are. The birds are singing and building nests and the turkeys are calling early in the morning and afternoon and the woods are alive with color as the trees and shrubs begin a new life.


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