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By Dorothy Warf
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Gordonsburg/Little Swan News

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January 6, 2022

Talk about weird weather, we have had it with several days last week being in the upper sixties and even up to the mid seventies. We’ve had rain many days but then Sunday brought a change to all as it started out in the forties and then light rain and towards the time for afternoon church it brought ice and snow with Monday morning looking like a winter wonderland. It sure is pretty but hope everyone can get where they need to be safely and that the roads soon clear; it fell really fast and didn’t take long to freeze because by 5:00 p.m., it was already 33 degrees and not supposed to be higher than that all day.

Those I know of who are sick either at home, nursing facilities or in the hospitals are: G.Y. Bennett, Connie Bonner, Dorothy Brown, Teresa Capps, Amy Carroll, Girdie Carroll, Kathleen Carroll, Spencer Clark, Fada Clay, Bailey Cromwell, Monica Dupont, Johnny Dryden, Buffy Farnsworth, Wilburn Franks, Callie Garrison, Connie Lindsey, Labri Kendrick, Lyda Mae Hooper, Monette King, Colben Ly, Raquel Mallari, Linda Mercer, Greg McCann, Jackie McFall, Bill Moore, Norene O’Kelly, Donna Owen, Colene Rasbury, Shirley Reeves, Marsha Runions, Mona Runions, Bill Seiber, Joe Ship, Nell Skelton, Madelyn Tharp, Jenna Tompkins, Jim and Jan Walker, Diane White, Chris Whitehead, Annette Williams and Selina Young. Please pray for these in your daily prayers that they might be better and for any others that need prayers.

We wish a happy late birthday to Joe Garner and Jimmy Barber the 1st, Rachel Barber the 3rd, Keith Reeves the 4th, Kenley Bates and Jerry Roberson the 5th, to Jacie Hinson the 6th, to Helen Alkridge the 7th, Fada Clay and Jack Dickey the 9th, Kala Eastep the 11th, and Norma Beard the 14th. Wishing for these a very happy birthday and many more to celebrate life.

Prayers for all those who have lost loved ones, Michael Kent Milholland, James David Pitts, Leonard Cunningham Sr., Ritchie Leroy Brewer, Billie Jo Broadway Bartholomew, Anthony “Tony” Kyle Haught, Raymond Max O’Near, Helen Lorraine Lancaster, Sherry Lynn Meadows, William “Cotton” Harrison Powell. Prayers for all these families and any others that we may not know about.

During the days that some of the family was off work for the holidays, we spent some time together and worked puzzles and just visited which is something that we don’t do enough. It was really nice. Sometimes we had nine children in the mix and that always creates super times. I even spent New Years Eve with my grandson, Timothy, and my daughter, Jeanea, after all the others were gone home or children to bed and we worked on a puzzle till after midnight. I hadn’t done that in years. We had a meal together and there was about 11 of us and Timothy had made taco salads of two different kinds and Jeanea had cooked chicken in her new pressure pot for cooking meats and things. It was really good and after the meal and dishes and table were cleaned, we began work on the puzzle between watching the children and keeping peace between them.

Hope you and your family had a good holiday season as well and that this will be a good year for all of us. Maybe the covid will disappear and people will not have to be quarantined from those they love and need to be near; I think being able to be near those we love helps in healing.

Prayers for the coming year and enjoy the snow but be careful and don’t get out and fall. It is supposed to be really cold all day and most of the week so stay warm and hydrated.


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