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By Dorothy Warf Contributing Writer

Series: Gordonsburg | Story 143

Even though we have had lots of rain it really seems like summer now with the temperatures during the day being in the eighties. Especially the children have gone from saying I am cold to saying it is so hot, I am sweating. I guess they will be sweating before summer is over. I for one am glad of the warmer temperatures.

Those I know of who are sick either at home, in nursing facilities or in the hospitals are: Joyce Barnes, Colene Beasley, Elizabeth Boggs, Pete Bradford, Gertie Carroll, Kathleen Carroll, Spencer Clark, Peggy Cook, Pat Dickson, Callie Garrison, Ophelia Green, Carolyn Hargrave, Calvin Harris, Shirley Howe, Monette King, Claire Elizabeth Mayberry, Doug Miller, Howard Miller, Jackie McFall, Carla Murphy, Lonnie Odom, Joy Orman, Roger Pace, Debbie Pierce, Mike Runions, Russell Runions, T R Runions, Boyce Sims, Peggy Sims, Johnnie Faye Skelton, Terry Stutts, Jeff Tatum, Diane Williams, and Annette Williams. Remember these in your daily prayers that they might be better and for any others that need prayers.

We wish a happy birthday Darren Henderson the 19th, Rhonda Hbgenne5t5 the 20th, Polly Edwards and Sara Barber the 22nd, Vickie Bates and Misty Fite the 23rd, Boyce Sims and David Baxter the 25th. We wish for these a very happy birthday and many more years to celebrate life.

Happy anniversary to Lynn and Iris Carroll the 15th, we wish for them a very happy anniversary and many more years to celebrate life together.

Prayers for all those who have lost loved ones this past week. These are the ones I know about Willis Gene Austin, Stephen L. Harrington, Carl J. B. Taylor, Sylvia Chareline Curran, Janet Elizabeth Hodnett, Eleanor Elizabeth Hurst, Dorothy Dean Moore Carroll, Tony France Ragsdale, Brenda Ann Gray and Danny Lee Mathis. Prayers for all these families and any others about which we may not know.

Remember if you have family buried at Palestine Cemetery in Lewis County we will be having homecoming on May 28th at 2pm. Please make plans to attend or at least to get your donation to someone or to Regions Bank for the cemetery. It takes all of us working together to keep the cemetery in good condition and for those of you who visit regularly you know that some of the graves and stones need some work on them, the ground has sunk around some of them, and the stones are in danger of falling. Many have parents, grandparents and great grandparents buried there and it takes support from everyone to keep the cemetery in the condition we like it to be seen.

This is the last week for many schools and children will be getting settled into a routine for the summer break so watch for them in and around streets as they will sometimes for get to watch where they are going.

Prayers for your family to have a great week and enjoy good health and being with family.


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